Our solutions

Our solution is to turn possibilities into reality

For the first time, a large selection of capabilities are available to glass processors of all sizes in an affordable and flexible package.

Volframi customises a device according your needs.

Smart Living


Our solutions are suitable e.g. for control switchable and electrochromatic glasses, blinds and awnings.


Smarter Environment


Our Intelligent Glass Control can replace alternative switches and buttons. 

Our switch is on a plane surface, so it´s  easy to clean and treat as an antibacterial surface.

Smart Design

other fields

Smart applications e.g. for smart furniture, interior and shop design. 

A large selection of capabilities are available to glass

  • different processes
  • different source materials
  • blanket or patterned
  • multiple layers
  • and no limits for glass pane sizes or shapes

Read more of Volframi´s partial processing technology

Functionalities into glass surface