In Volframi, we are developing a method and a device usable in the coating processes of surfaces. With this device, you can coat only a targeted area on a glass. With these coatings, you can create e.g., intelligent control interfaces. 

Volframi is developing the first intelligent control areas on the large glass e.g., windows. Our first commercial version of the intelligent glass control system is ready to launch this spring 2022.

Our controls are designed to be as easy to use as possible. To open a window or adjust the blinds, you can use the switch on the glass. We wanted to make these simple functions that already exist even better for users. 

Touching control is an instinctive habit and gives natural  experience to users. The touching control is made by tiny coating on the glass. It’s easy to keep clean which is an important thing these days.

human-centered design

Human-centered design puts the user first, resulting in useful and usable products and services. Our focus is on the user when creating and developing products.

Human-centered design combines empathy, creativity, and business needs. We design together with the end-user, not only for the end-user.

Human-centered design is a creative problem-solving process that begins with understanding human needs and ends with innovative solutions to address those needs.

We focused on users’ needs, emotions and behaviour in order to come up with effective and natural design solutions.


Glass is everywhere. What do you see when you look through a glass? What do you see when you look into the  glass? 

Volframi technology – turning your needs into reality! 

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